Monday, April 17, 2017

The tongue is a fire

allow my tongue
my little flame
to rove the apricot
of your neck
the raspberry of
your nipples
your navel
the small of your back
your lips
the insides of you
to set you afire
so when i’m done
you speak in tongues
of men and of angels.


the sun
dipping below horizons
at certain moments

shakes me
whether blazing and indifferent
or welcomed

drops me to my knees
with its last shafts
that bleed the sky
and earth

making me face
the illusion of darkness
that stills my soul and owns all space
reduces me to tears

except in moments when i realize
that day depends on night
the way that dreams depend on waking.

Love Stanza

love shouts
with tiny hands
at hurricanes
and volcanoes
destroys silences
preceding creations
and never shuts the fuck up

Sunday, April 16, 2017

eternal you

i long to feel you sleep
beside me
curled cool luminosity in the night
merging with my dreams 
breathing my air 
exhaling me born again virginity 
showing me 
depths of you 
never known 
the water of your soul 
containing heaven earth and sky
the you of gods and angels
the you that will never die.


if ever your heart stops 
warming my blood 
raising it to waves 
crashing into my heart
if your laughter stops waking me 
and your breath on my mouth
stops lifting me to heavens i never knew
i’ll give my hands to you
rub your breasts to raise your heart from darkness 
and breathe inside you
all you’ve given me 
all i have

and if my eyes ever stop feeding you 
if my hands become cold 
i’ll stop time and look at you 
feed myself with the sight of you 
and my hands will catch fire

and we’ll then be safe 
if the ground ever calls 
demanding we go 
we’ll go together 
the way we started

your heart making my blood an ocean 
my eyes giving you a universe 
your laughter saving me 
my hands raising you

defying darkness 
making life 
conquer all.

The Ocean

i sought a piece of you
in all the others
the rain of women
who bless the earth
dark eyes and glossy heads of hair
autumn, sand and wheat
i searched but no one has your sound
of ocean waves and winds and calm
you are whole
the sun sets inside you
at night you become heaven
where i belong
where i want to drown.

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